Difference between Git and GitHub


There are people who think that Git and GitHub are the same thing and use the terms interchangeably. Some might even think Git is short for GitHub. It’s probably because of similarity in their names.

Git and GitHub are NOT similar!

In a simple term, Git is a tool and GitHub is a website (which is more like a community).

In a more technical term, Git is a free and open source distributed  version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency, while GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers all the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.

Git was created by Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux kernel.

Linus Torvalds was the designer of the open-source operating system Linux.


What is Git?

Git is a tool for version control which is primarily used by programmers. It runs with the command line on your local machine and allows you to keep track of your files and modifications made to those files in something called a ‘Repository’ or ‘Repo’. You can use it alone as well as with a team of people who are working on the same project. It’s useful in a team environment because everyone can work independently on those files, merge their changes together and there’s a permanent record of who made what change.


What is GitHub?

GitHub is a website that allows you to upload your Git repositories online.

Why would you want to host your files on GitHub?

Because it provides a backup of your files and gives you a visual interface for navigating your repositories. It provides other people a way to navigate your repositories. It also makes repo collaboration easy. GitHub is more common if you are using Git.

This example will make you clearer about what Git and GitHub are.

Consider you are a professional photographer and you use Adobe Photoshop to process your photos. You take the photos, edit them in Photoshop and when it’s ready, you upload them to your Facebook page.

In this context, Git is Adobe Photoshop and GitHub is Facebook.


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We want more women in tech!


I’ve never thought of myself as a Female Engineer, OR Founder, OR A Woman In Tech. I just think of myself as someone who’s PASSIONATE!

The female future of tech is in our hands

Women may hold up half the sky, as per the Chinese proverb, and they account for half of all tech users, but they remain severely underrepresented in the worlds of technology and entrepreneurship.

This is unsustainable and unacceptable. It harms technological development, holding back societal and economic progress.

I am a BIG believer that girls and young women should absolutely be encouraged to code if they are interested in computer science. But before we prescribe such a specific level of skill development, it’s all of our responsibility – as parents, teachers, friends and role models – to first make sure that they understand the constellation of opportunity that awaits them.

To help girls and young women imagine themselves in these tech careers, we need to show them examples of successful women in these roles. There’s still a gender gap, yes, but there are women leading their fields in every tech-related category.

You have to be fearless,” Titolo says. “There are going to be people who don’t like the way you do something or don’t like you for any particular reason. Don’t let the fear of that hold you back—there’s so much potential out there.”

My goal is to shine a spotlight on career paths in tech that I worry many girls aren’t learning about at home or in school. The fact is that most of these opportunities don’t require candidates to know how to code. I want our girls and young women to see tech as a playing field for their passions. Before we get down to nurturing specific skill development, our first job is to open their eyes to the possibilities.

I don’t want to be telling my daughter in 10 years’ time that she will have to wait another 25 years before she is considered equal. And I also don’t want to be telling her that ‘It’s a Man’s World’. I would far rather be saying we’re ‘All Together Now’.

The emotional roller coaster of running a tech company is a challenge, one that I handle differently from my male counterparts.  Again this is just self-perception; other women may have different experiences.  Naturally, I push myself hard: I’m responsible for other people’s money.

We must inspire more women to launch technology-focused businesses, raising the profile of female entrepreneurs.  Then younger girls may view technology as an attractive career option, with more women drawn into early stage investment.

We need more girls interested in technology. We want girls to know that they are just as smart as boys and they can succeed in these careers too!

We want to see more women in technology industries, now and in the future. We need more female coders to meet demands.  We want to inspire and encourage more women to get interested in technology and make a career in the industry.

When one woman helps another, amazing things can happen!!

The female Mark Zuckerberg is out there, and it’s within our power to make sure she follows her dream.

I am grateful that you took some time to find out more about me and the blog and I hope you enjoy following along! Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


Technofreak, Codaholic, UI/UX enthusiast, Techie, Entrepreneur,  Startup Lover, Blogger, Hustler, Dream Achiever

MD, Co-Founder
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website: https://www.naurin.me/