Live Your Dreams


The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

How many times in your life, have you heard a phrase “Live your dreams” so far?

Many times for sure. However, years later, your dreams are still just unfulfilled dreams. Why on earth is it so?

There are many reasons, but the actual key of why only a few of us realize their dreams lies in ourselves. Make a move, change the way of thinking , make an effect in order to live your dreams.

Why are we the ones to blame for the unfulfilled dreams?

First and foremost, it’s our dreams we’re talking about, and we are the ones who need to start working on them. The mere dreaming is not enough, the necessary thing is to act in accordance with these dreams.

When we get old, we’ll talk shit about how we missed a big part of our life and how we failed in realising many of our goals. But then it will already be a bit late (though it’s never too late).

I’ll assume that you are relatively young (or just a bit older), slightly clever (or much more), that you are ready to act and that you have some dreams. You don’t need anything more than that to achieve your dreams!

Actually, you do need something else, a different way of thinking!

This article that I’m just typing will give you some of the simplest, but also the wisest reasons why you should start realising your dreams. I hope this will startle you a bit, and that you’ll really take a second to think about achieving your goals.

What does a different way of thinking really mean? And how to achieve it?

The important thing is to comprehend that following your dreams should become a top priority in your life. It is also important to find a way in which you’ll be able to live your dream, but that’s already a step that goes beyond the subject I’m currently talking about.

If you start to build your dreams now, and you persevere in it, I bet that in a few months or years, you’ll be a proud and a successful member of my website. Moreover, I’ll be proud and happy to know that I helped someone in making a move and accomplishing his/hers dreams.

A different way of thinking can be accomplished in different ways. I recommend that you start looking at the events and the people that surround you as an opportunity and a challenge that has been given to you. Let them be the generator of your success, and not the people, that fetter you.
In order to live your dreams, you’ll have to give up some things, some people and even some habits. But if you really want to accomplish your dreams, you’ll be ready for it.

Oh, and the most important thing: Don’t give up if you don’t see the results quickly. There will pass months, weeks, and maybe even years before the dreams start coming true. During this time you have to work on them at a full power. One accomplished dream will lead to the second one, and the third, and soon you’ll be able to live your dreams.

Never give up on your dreams because you only get to accomplish them now.

Great reasons why you should live your dreams are:

You only live once, and you only get one chance

If you take into consideration the fact that you have 70 years of age at your disposal, you need to spend that time as quality as you can. 70 years may seem a lot, but you’ll come to understand very quickly how the time flies.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that you can start living your dreams tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or in some better period. There will be no better period, an there is no tomorrow that can dispute the fact that the best day to start is today.

Year after year, will go by, and your life will run in a completely unplanned direction. Yes, it happens to all of us. It is time to take the reins into your own hands, because that’s the only way in which you’ll be able to live your dreams.

You’ll definitely need more months, even years in practice, to accomplish your dreams. So, count on the fact that the dreams will be achieved in a longer multi-year period.

The math is pretty clear. If you start today, you’ll have your dreams accomplished in 5 years. If you start in five years from now, you’ll be asking yourself, where could I have been if only l had started that day (today), in other words 5 years ago.

Time is a consumable material – the stash is getting smaller day by day

This thesis builds up on the first one, but it is necessary point out explicitly once again – the time can’t be stopped, nor turned back.

If you get a chance today, that might push you closer to achieving your dreams – accept it gladly. Do not think that things will get better in time. Maybe they will, but believe me you’ll have to invest a lot of will, effort and time in it.

The minutes I’ve spent on writing this section, have been lost irretrievably. No

Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.

one will ever be able to restore that time to me!

But what’s most important is that I have spent that time on the realization of both your dreams and mine. My dreams are transferring the knowledge and the motivation to you. I cannot say that the time has been lost. Is it a lost time for you who are reading this? It’s up to you.

The important conclusion of this paragraph is, that you should devote every minute of your life to what makes you happy. Make a list of the dreams that you plan on realising, and start working on them right now.

Every minute you spend in order to live your dreams, will be paid out in more than one way. First of all, you’ll enjoy in what you do. Second of all, your life will get a new meaning, and things will start falling into place. Third, you’ll realize that you can live a better and a higher quality life, than you thought so far.

Take advantage of this minute, and the next one, and of all the others to come, and live your dreams.

You have to make your dreams come true all by yourself

Are you aware of the fact that the world is not changing all by itsefl? It is changed by individuals just like you and me.

There would be no computer, smartphone, internet, social network or anything else, in this world if it wasn’t for the individuals.

Every individual is responsible for himself. Whereas you’re an individual, you’re the main culprit of whether you live your dreams or not.

Don’t think that the realization of your dreams will fall from the skies. That never happens!

If you don’t start creating your life on your own, there comes a question, whether you’ll leave any trace in the history? Of course it is hard to believe that you’ll be remembered by something you did (not) do.

But, if you make a move, and start working on the realization of your dreams, your life will slowly start turning into a life you’ve always imagined.

Don’t be a nobody, leave a positive trace in history!

You’re forgetting the fact that you’re the one who’s important

Our life is often based on others nowadays. We do what others are interested in, and what we think could meet the wishes of others. Does all this make sense anyway?

Are you ready to spend your life wanting to satisfy only the others?

It is time you dedicate to yourself, and put yourself in the spotlight. This doesn’t mean that the whole world should revolve around you, but it is important that your thoughts and your actions revolve around you.

Do not let different situations and experiences pass by you, just so you would not discredit and hurt others. Except the challenges, enjoy in what makes you happy, and let the other take care of themselves.

This fact is a stumbling stone for many people!

The vast majority of the conflict situations can be solved with conversation, but we tend to think that it is easier to keep it all inside, and to do something that does not affect the improvement of our life directly, yet it affects the improvement of other people’s lives. You need to change this.
All of your friends will ask you for a favour sooner or later, but the moment you need something, they will no longer be available. It’s not an assumption it’s a fact.

Create your life by your own standards. Remove all those who fetter you from your life, and put into your life all those who serve you as an inspiration and a guide for the life of your dreams. Do not procrastinate and outflank to others, live your dreams.


You’ve got much more potential and energy than you think

I won’t lie to you, the road to success and the accomplishment of your dreams is not easy at all. Nevertheless, the best things in life happen just when we put a lot of energy, will, and feelings in them.

It is the same when it comes to achieving your dreams. You’ll feel like your dreams are further and further away from you, day by day, but by working hard,  you are only getting closer to the final result. Believe me, each effort and hard work will bring you some results.

On this path, you’ll run into many obstacles, which will contradict to the life of your dreams. People who have failed, think that accomplishing your dreams is a mission impossible. But it’s time to ask those who succeeded, so that we can hear what they have to say about dreams coming true? Yes, they will tell you, that you can achieve your dreams, just like they did.

The trap lies in the fact that we give up before we’re supposed to. When the results are not visible, we begin to lose all the enthusiasm and the desire to push forward.

That’s the key moment. It is the moment when you have to give the best of what you keep inside. Continue to push forward, set new challenges for yourself, and never stop trying.

If we’re thinking about failure, it is very probable that the failure will happen to us. Therefore, it is necessary to think about success, and to strive for something better day by day.

Forget about all the obstacles and the headaches that will get in your way. You need to find that positive energy in yourself, that will push you forward, and you’ll see, anything can happen.

The feeling of happiness and fulfillment

Is there anything better in the world than feeling happy and fulfilled?

The positive feelings will come in abundance if you live your dreams. Every new step which takes us closer to the accomplishment of our dreams will be a moment worth celebrating. It will be a moment, when we will be imbued with happiness for achieving the fraction of what we strive for. We’ll be proud of ourselves, because we have shown both to ourselves and others that we can go one step further. We will feel complete, because we have found an additional energy, which allows us to live a dream life.

All in all, if you don’t start striving for the life of your dreams, you’ll miss a big opportunity to experience all these wonderful feelings. You’ll also miss the opportunity to prove to yourself, that you could have achieved something more than an average man in your life.

Your time for happiness starts now, when you are making your first step in order to live your dreams.

You deserve to live your dreams, trust me. Actually, each of us deserves to live a life he/she has been dreaming of since childhood.

As years go by, our dreams change and adapt to some new situations. That doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, but it certainly can be.

If we begin to subordinate our dreams to others, or to push them under the carpet because it is not the right time for their realization, this is certainly not good. That’s exactly why the reasons numbered above, should make you start thinking about, and working on the “live your dreams” project.


It is time you start thinking more clearly and find what excites you in life. Let this become your dreams, and let the dreams become life goals. After that, make sure that goals convert into actions, and let the actions lead you to a life of your dreams.

Snap out and live your dreams!


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